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 Game-Changing Exploration. 

Project Wara in Seruwila, encompasses one of the most dynamic, farsighted, collaborative and mineral rich exploration projects in the world, with its philosophy deeply rooted in the country’s engineering brilliance handed down by the ancient Kings, with sustainable and renewable alternative energy at the very heart of the enterprise. While graphite is the first mineral slated to be mined and sold, evidence to date suggests that there may be other commercially viable metals and minerals - including copper, iron, and gold. This can be found in the BRGM’s 600 page summation of their drill results, a re-examination of the 78 core samples from that expedition, and the GSMB’s current initiatives. 

Graphite is the New Black Gold

Seruwila Graphite has many advantages over the  graphite offered by our competitors, including:

  • Dry Processing

  • Tier 1 Quality Graphite

  • No Intercalation

  • Low Cost Processing

  • Less Environmentally Invasive

  • Reduced Energy Needs

  • Low Air Pollution Source


Mining: The Start of the Process

As soon as the green light is given and permissions are  granted, mining will begin, as will the development of the surrounding infrastructure. After adding value through production and processing, the best jumbo flaky graphite will be ready to be taken to the markets. 

The Wara Project will create a large number of direct and indirect new jobs for the Sri Lankan Labour Force - a direct positive effect for the local population.

Financial Market Status

Discovering this new source of Graphite, along with copper and iron in Sri Lanka, makes this the perfect time to bring it to a global market crying out for some tangible security. This will be a product that is globally accepted as being of high value, environmentally beneficial and a game changer for the way we travel given that graphite is the key constituent of Electric Vehicles (EVs).

The pandemic has brought into sharp focus the need for everyone to work together to protect the planet and highlight the importance of green ethical solutions for the future, hence being such an ideal time to mine graphite.
We intend that a green bond will be written on the markets to pay for the infrastructure upgrades supporting the project. 

Photo thanks to Juliet Coombe

Collaboration vs Colonization

Rather than coming into countries and taking all their resources and using them for our personal benefit, AMECA Global aims to partner with the local population of Sri Lanka so that the nation as a whole can benefit from its own natural resources. We will work hard to find local talent to fulfill our workforce needs and are committed to founding a Mining University in Sri Lanka. This university will benefit from the Canadian technical experience we bring to the table, but will focus on teaching technical skills, mining, engineering knowledge and sustainability to the Sri Lankan workforce. We will work to equip our students with the skills they need to master the latest drilling equipment so that Sri Lanka and Canada can earn the reputation of being at the forefront of the sustainable mining industry. 

Photo thanks to Juliet Coombe
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