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 The Language of Change 

Since the dawn of time, the Mbanza Ngungu tribes people of the West Congo have been telling stories about how the night sky lights up in pure gold. AMECA Mining’s geologist explains that there is always some truth in these mystical tribal stories as, in this case, because the rocky outcrop is mineralized, the moonlight makes it reflect the gold tints back into the starlit universe, looking just like a gold beacon. This wilderness area, rich in ancient traditions, has twelve villages filled with people who have always been rooted in nature and organic ways of living.

AMECA Mining leased 120,000 acres of land for this project. The stunning location is a tropical treasure, enriched with 17 waterways, 56 forests and 12 historic villages. AMECA Global has been granted a licence to explore, and a 10 year agreement with the clans, which gives them the right to drill and develop the property.  

Ameca Mining’s philosophy is to tap into the ancient knowledge of the region and work along side the Congo’s people, who fearlessly go places where few will dare to follow.

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