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 Building Environmental Credibility 

In 2021 Pakistan officially joined more than 80 nations who signed up for the US led global methane pledge agreeing to cut methane emissions by 30% by the end of this decade in an effort to tackle climate change.

The Methane Challenge

There are about 15 million buffalos in Pakistan and out of that about 1.4 million are in Karachi at Cattle Colony in about SIX square mile area.


On an average 1.4 million buffalo heads contribute to 32 MT GHG per head per year that is 44 million ton Co2 per year.

On the average dairy farm, 10 litres of water per head is used to clean cow dung;  That is about 3 million gallons of water per day, 90 million per month and over 1.08 billion gallons per year which go into the sea


Carbonon: A multi-use solution

We've partnered with Carbonon: Bio Farms. Their processes are beneficial in multiple ways. 

  • Carbonon has developed a process which manufactures biomass biochar from cow dung.

  • The dung is diverted from the sea – saving fresh water and avoiding pollution

  • The collected dung is crushed, carbonized, and turned into charcoal briquettes

  • Briquettes can be used in the place of wood charcoal. This will help reduce deforestation.

Carbon Sequestration: Trees

  • In Pakistan, our plan is to plant 36 million trees in an arid zone, for which we require 250,000 hectares.

  • The Project will be managed under production sharing contracts

  • Olive Trees a lucrative venture

  • The fruit from the olive trees we plant on our properties will be a secondary income stream and source of potential local jobs

  • The properties will require setting up and maintenance, even prior to any future mining. This should also provide a variety of jobs. 

  • The trees we plant will generate carbon credits that we plan to use to off-set Pakistan's CO2 across the country

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